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About Paul Silva

Paul Silva - metal artist

" I get to be artistic every second of every day, and I love it! I get to create beautiful pieces of artwork for people to enjoy. "

~ Paul Silva

Paul Silva grew up in Turlock, California, in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. From an early age, Paul exhibited an interest in drawing, painting, and he used his appreciation for art to manipulate different mediums into original artwork forms. At the age of twelve, his father, Vernon Silva opened a welding fabrication shop. Paul’s father was a talented craftsman, and he used his free time to instruct Paul on the art of welding.


After years of working with his father, Paul began to explore the possibilities of creating art with metal. Prompted by his early love for drawing, he started drawing on metal, then cutting, grinding and heating it - all by hand. He learned something about metal every time he worked with it, even from the mistakes.

Then Paul had a vision to incorporate his father’s legacy with his passion for creating metal sculptures.

Following years of developing and perfecting his metal art skills, Paul now creates metal art, functional art and signs for his clients at Fusion Metal Art Works in Hawkins, Texas.

Paul’s pieces reflect cutting edge technology for metal art and his love for each piece is tangible.

Much of the metal art in the market today is computer-guided and machine-formed, but Paul continues to use his hands and hand-operated tools because this gives him the artistic control he prefers.

Paul Silva's Artist Statement

"I feel overcome with joy and gratitude to create works of art that convey different feelings and emotions – bringing to life images that are in my mind makes for a stimulating and rewarding life. I’m a self-taught artist, and I feel my talents are truly a gift; a gift I appreciate and cherish that I want to share it with you.

My art medium is metal. I enjoy working with copper, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. At different phases in the creative process, the metal ranges from soft, rough and a combination of diverse textures.

Many artists are talented in specific fields such as portraits, abstracts, wildlife, etc. I love constructing pieces that tell a story, and each piece of metal dictates what the final result is going to be. It is for this reason I choose not to be bound by any style or genre – the possibilities are endless!"


I am a proud owner of one of Paul's beautiful works!
Aleta Lewis Pearson / Tyler, TX
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